4 - 5 July 2023, Greece


Vassilis Papaeconomou

Vassilis Papaeconomou, CEO, Alectris

Vassilis Papaeconomou brings executive solar photovoltaic (PV) development and construction expertise to his role as co-founder and managing director of Alectris, a global operations & maintenance (O&M) independent service provider. As a German trained engineer, he drives continues improvement in every aspect of the company including operational, engineering and team performance to re-define O&M and outperform client expectations.

Prior to Alectris, Vassilis held the position of Operations Director for Advartia, a European based solar EPC firm he also co-founded. The firm’s solar PV portfolio includes the construction of medium- to large-scale assets in Greece.

Before solely focusing on the solar market, he held the position of Operations Director at Agrology, a firm active in Greece, Italy, Belgium, Spain and the U.S. in the fields of agriculture and renewable energy.

Vassilis has authored several White Papers on O&M and is a subject matter expert presenter. He is multilingual and holds a Chemical Engineering degree from Universität Karlsruhe (TH) and an Abitur from Deutsche Schule Thessaloniki.

04 Jul 2023
 - 15:30 GMT
Panel Discussion
  • Effective, and pre-emptive, O&M strategies are vital in maintaining high revenue from your assets
  • Learn which strategies you can use to increase capacity, and thus returns
  • Which trackers should you use?
  • Which monitoring systems could you implement?

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