Turkey’s Solar Journey: From Policy, Installations to Manufacturing

Time: 09:30 - 09:50

Date: Day Two


According to Turkey’s National Energy Plan, the installed power capacity in 2020 was 95.9GW, and it will increase to 189.7GW by 2035. The share of renewables in the installed capacity, which was 52% in 2020, will reach 64.7% by 2035. Solar PV will play a key role in supplying power in Turkey by 2035, as its capacity will increase to 52.9GW, promising a 5GW annual market for PV and wind.

  • Turkey’s government has introduced new feed-in tariffs (FITs) to promote renewable energy projects, including solar, how will these work?
  • Insight into project pipeline in Turkey – where are the investable locations?
  • Turkey plays host to the world’s largest rooftop solar project initiated by Tosyalı Holding, how else might the C&I space grow in terms of PPAs or installations
  • How Turkey is promoting a strong local manufacturing base, with around 8GW of annual production capacity
  • Grid investment and infrastructure challenges


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