Tolga Özdemir Speaker at Large Scale Solar Southern Europe

Tolga Özdemir

Chairman Gensed

Tolga Murat Ozdemir, born in 1967; He completed his undergraduate education by graduating from Eastern Mediterranean University Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1989. He is married and has two children.

He got a start in business life as an Automation Sales Engineer at Schneider Electric in 1991. He served as Southeastern Anatolia Regional Representative between 1992-1993 ands Aegean Regional Representative between 1993-1994.

With a radical decision taken in 1994, it established Kontek Otomasyon A.Ş. which serves in the Industrial Automation and Product Sales sector in Izmir and gained momentum in the sector with the partnership of companies with engineering experience in Istanbul and Izmir.

In 2012, with his entrepreneurial spirit, he pioneered the establishment of Konar Enerji A.Ş. in Izmir which provides services in the field of Solar Energy Systems with the engineering experience of Kontek A.Ş. in order to make new investments in the energy sector.

Tolga Murat Özdemir, who united Kontek Automation and Konar Energy in it’s 25th year He continues his activities as the CEO of Kontek Enerji which includes 6main operational units such as energy storage , automation, contracting, energy efficiency, solar EPC and operation maintenance.

In 2018, he served as Vice Chairman of the GENSED Board orf Directors. He has been serving as the Chairman of GENSED Board of Directors since 2023.

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